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The term ‘pedigreed’ means that the seed’s ancestry can be traced back to the plant breeder who developed it. When seed is pedigreed, it ensures specified germination for consistent growth and healthy stand and that seed sizes will be consistent for planting and crop performance. Pedigreed seed is certified through the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA).

Certified seed is recognizable by the blue tag of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The blue tag means that both the seed and crop have been inspected by a third-party agency, produced by a certified Canadian seed grower, passed the quality assurance requirements for varietal purity, germination and freedom from impurities and is ready for commercial use.

If you’ve been using farm-saved seed for years, you might be wondering why – or if – you should invest in certified seed. It’s a fair question. However, investing in certified seed means you’re not just getting a better product. You’re also investing in the research and development of new and advanced seed varieties. This difference brings value to your farm and gives you more choices about variety. It also generates jobs in agriculture and stimulates the local and national economy.


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